Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Selling your Denver home … It doesn’t get any better than this

Considering selling your home in Denver ??

I'm a very visual person.  I think the chart below gives as clear a picture of what I have been droning on about for the last year, and in typical in the last few months ... WE NEED HOUSES TO SELL !!  Are you one of the ones considering??  If so, click here

According to Metrolist® , the average sales price from March 2012 to March 2013 has risen by 19% from $248,065 to $295,330. 

Do you like looking at facts and figures? Check this chart out

But don't let that put off Buyers our there.  I certainly do not want to hear
"I am waiting for the market to bottom out"
" I am waiting for 50 cent on the dollar"
 ..  my response will be "too late!".  However, while the mortgage rate has increased slightly, it continues to stay historically low. If the rate rises by a point, the amount you pay over the course of the loan will far exceed any % increase on home values rising we are seeing in today's market.

If there is a property you like, want, ACT!  I can advise you price - remember it has to appraise, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to get ahead of the pack, and ways to get the contract accepted.  Interested??  Contact me here

source ReColorado and Metrolist®