Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fabulous Town Home for Sale in Lone Tree

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you buying a home or a pair of jeans ??

You shop around for a pair of jeans to fit. You might be lucky and strike gold in the first shop you go in, it may take you a few fits to find the dream pair. So what has this go to do with buying a house? Well how do you shop for an agent to help you?
You probably spend more time looking for a pair of trousers than you do finding someone help you with the the biggest purchase or sale of your life. Here are a few thoughts …

* 'Try a few pairs on'
I don’t mean waste a lot of people’s time, but speak to a few until you find someone you have a good rapport with. The next few weeks are going to be fun, stressful, challenging but with (hopeful) huge rewards. You want to work with someone who will make it a ‘comfortable fit’      
* Make sure you are getting quality
Just like applicant for a job, ask why you should ‘employ’ them. Ask to see their testimonies
* Are they following the latest trends
Pick a style that suits you? The ‘old school’ style might be perfect, or you might want a trendier approach. Remember, one fit isn’t always better over the other, as long as they fit you right
* Are they practical for your lifestyle?
Make sure ‘the fit’ understands your lifestyle.
The chances are we will all own a few pairs of jeans in our lives. Make sure you like (love) them and they have the durability to last the process. And always recommend the brand to your friends and family … they want to be stylist too.
Jeans will probably always be around, and you may try many fits, but you want the brand that will always be there for you.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Do's and Don'ts to House Hunting

  1. Do Expect to ‘Kiss a few Frogs’
This whole process is a bit like dating. You will ‘kiss a few frogs’, have your heart broken on a deal that goes south, and then just when you think there are no more ‘fish in the sea’, Mr/Mrs Right House will be just around the corner

  1. Pick your favorite SHORT list
It is recommended when you go out and look at houses, stick to around 6.  After this number, they will all start blending into one!  It can also be quite exhausting.  If you have a lot of house you want to look at, schedule for another day when you will be refreshed. The average buyer will look at around 12 houses before deciding.

  1. Do Take lots of notes, pictures, video tours on your phone
This will help you remember the properties – trust me, you might not forget the neon paint, but you might forget the payout, where the washing machine was etc.

  1. Do Listen to your Gut
I truly believe that a house can pick you as much as you pick a house.  Your instinct can be powerful

  1. Do Allow Enough Time
Don’t buy in haste, repent at leisure.   Make sure you allow lots of time on your house hunt, and arrange a second viewing on any potentials. Follow the rule of thumb – your first visit with  your heart, the second is with your head.

  1. Don’t have a Extra Large Coffee before you start your tour
It is not always the polite thing to us everyone’s facilities. Plus, some vacant homes may have the water turned off.  You don’t want to be caught short.

  1. Do wear practical shoes
Some homeowners may request that you remove your shoes, and especially in when the weather is inclement. Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off, not lots of laces, and wear your best socks.

  1. Do Find a babysitter for the children
Especially until you narrow down the possible house. Children find the whole process VERY exciting. So rather than worry about if they have knocked over the Seller’s best china, find care for them, and bring them in when you have a short list.

  1. Don’t be a Wall Flower
Do be very vocal. As your Realtor, I have many gifts, the power of reading exactly what the mind is thinking is not one of them.  This is not my house I am showing, so you will not offend me.  And it will truly help me understand what you are wanting in your Dream Home.

  1. Do be Prepared to Compromise
Just like dating, you might be looking for your ‘Dream Partner’, but not everyone or everything is perfect.  Create a ‘Wish List’ and if you are buying as a couple, compare your lists so that you are on the same page.  Also discuss your big ‘no-no’s’.  And be prepared, you probably won’t find everything on your list so be prepared to compromise on this.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What are the mortgage interest rates today??

Still a great time to Buy !!!

CONV 30 YEAR FIXED - 3.5% / 3.616% APR

CONV 15 YEAR FIXED - 2.875% / 3.081% APR
FHA/VA 30 YEAR FIXED - 3.250% / 3.431% APR

FHA/VA 15 YEAR FIXED - 2.750% / 3.075% APR

JUMBO 30 YEAR FIXED - 3.875% / 3.975% APR   
CONV 30 YEAR FIXED - 3.5% / 3.616% APR

Conventional loans are based on $300,000 purchase price with 20% down with a 740 credit score and 43% debt-to-income ratio. 
FHA/VA loans are based on $300,000 purchase price with 3.5% down with a 740 credit score and 43% debt-to-income ratio.
Jumbo loans are based on $600,000 purchase price with 20% down with a 740 credit score an

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proactive Approach Overcomes Potential Appraisal Hurdles

The world of appraising has changed dramatically over the last few years. It has called for new tactics to deal with this aspect of a real estate transaction so that it does not become an obstacle to a successful closing.
When the real estate market took a nose dive, lenders in general and appraisers in particular were blamed for much of the problem. Most of this blame was misplaced (a subject for another time) but the result has been new rules on how appraisers and lenders interact. Lenders have to give appraisal assignments to a pool of appraisers in a random, red-robin fashion and the quality of appraising and responsiveness of appraisers has suffered as a result.

In Denver, we have another complicating factor. Prices have risen over the last year by about 10% on average. Appraisers, having been recently blamed for being too generous with their estimates of values for properties, are understandably reluctant to reflect this trend too quickly.
The combination has created situations where it is hard to get some houses to appraise for prices that buyers are more than willing to pay and which the market seems to support. New tactics are needed.
It is much more important now for appraisers to receive marketing information on a property. The flyers and other marketing materials we use when finding a buyer for a home have many details about the improvements and benefits that a property offers. Getting this in the appraisers hands helps to make sure that he/she has a complete picture of the property.
It also helps to give the appraiser a summary of how the market reacted to a particular property. This is especially helpful when there are a lot of showings in a short period of time and multiple offers on the home – a situation that has not been uncommon over the last year.
Finally, in some situations, it even makes sense for agents to meet the appraiser at the property. Handing them the information described above and answering any questions the appraiser may have can help to get the appraiser to see the true value of the property.
Something is always changing in the real estate realm that presents a new challenge. Appraising is just one example of one of the latest. Proactively responding to the new situations is one way to stay ahead of the game to ensuring success for clients.
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Luxury homes in West Ranch, West Ken Caryl


Should I keep this to myself ?? OK, I will share a little undiscovered area which has 'blown my socks off'. This Gated Sub-division is called West Ranch which is on the west side of Ken Caryl and is not in the typical part of Ken Caryl as you would expect. It is literally 2 minutes to the US 285 from the north entrance (but you don't hear or see it) and 10 mins to the C470.
As you drive through this area, you will think you have entered a State Park. There are over 500 acres of dedicated open space. A quiet road tucks round wooded forests with some amazing views of the Denver Metro spreading as far as the eye can see. Yet there are over 50 homes tucked behind these trees.
Each home is situated on many acres of land keeping each home very private. They are STUNNING! The houses are zoned for horses - some have stables and barns already.
If you are in the market for a home in this price range, I highly encourage you view these homes.
The bad news is you cannot just drive through. The good news is you can give me a call and I will show you these stunning homes.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Selling your Denver home … It doesn’t get any better than this

Considering selling your home in Denver ??

I'm a very visual person.  I think the chart below gives as clear a picture of what I have been droning on about for the last year, and in typical in the last few months ... WE NEED HOUSES TO SELL !!  Are you one of the ones considering??  If so, click here

According to Metrolist® , the average sales price from March 2012 to March 2013 has risen by 19% from $248,065 to $295,330. 

Do you like looking at facts and figures? Check this chart out

But don't let that put off Buyers our there.  I certainly do not want to hear
"I am waiting for the market to bottom out"
" I am waiting for 50 cent on the dollar"
 ..  my response will be "too late!".  However, while the mortgage rate has increased slightly, it continues to stay historically low. If the rate rises by a point, the amount you pay over the course of the loan will far exceed any % increase on home values rising we are seeing in today's market.

If there is a property you like, want, ACT!  I can advise you price - remember it has to appraise, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to get ahead of the pack, and ways to get the contract accepted.  Interested??  Contact me here

source ReColorado and Metrolist®

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Montecito at Ridgegate - a new home development in Lone Tree

'Montecito' is a new home development located at Ridgegate in Lone Tree.  Built by Century Communities, there are several floor plans comprising of ranch and two story single family homes.  They start from 2261 sqft going up to biggest model at 3682 sqft.

Featured below is the Residence 7640 model which boasts 2892 sqft, Grand and a morning room, 3 car garage, library/study, 3-4 bedrooms depending on if loft is an option.

The homes start from the high $400's. Call me today to tour this beautiful homes !!!

Featured in this development is La Terraza - an outdoor retreat featuring
* Custom pool with zero edge entry and swim lanes
* Lounge Chaises
* Pavilion for social gatherings
* Picnic tables
* expansive play/lawn area

The development is located in a perfect position close to I25, Park Meadows, RTD station, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Lone Tree Arts Center, and Lone Tree Recreation Center.