Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you buying a home or a pair of jeans ??

You shop around for a pair of jeans to fit. You might be lucky and strike gold in the first shop you go in, it may take you a few fits to find the dream pair. So what has this go to do with buying a house? Well how do you shop for an agent to help you?
You probably spend more time looking for a pair of trousers than you do finding someone help you with the the biggest purchase or sale of your life. Here are a few thoughts …

* 'Try a few pairs on'
I don’t mean waste a lot of people’s time, but speak to a few until you find someone you have a good rapport with. The next few weeks are going to be fun, stressful, challenging but with (hopeful) huge rewards. You want to work with someone who will make it a ‘comfortable fit’      
* Make sure you are getting quality
Just like applicant for a job, ask why you should ‘employ’ them. Ask to see their testimonies
* Are they following the latest trends
Pick a style that suits you? The ‘old school’ style might be perfect, or you might want a trendier approach. Remember, one fit isn’t always better over the other, as long as they fit you right
* Are they practical for your lifestyle?
Make sure ‘the fit’ understands your lifestyle.
The chances are we will all own a few pairs of jeans in our lives. Make sure you like (love) them and they have the durability to last the process. And always recommend the brand to your friends and family … they want to be stylist too.
Jeans will probably always be around, and you may try many fits, but you want the brand that will always be there for you.
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