Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Your Top 10 Guide to Buying a Home

  1. Do Expect to Kiss a few Frogs
This whole process is a bit like dating. You will kiss a few frogs, have your heart broken on a deal that goes south, and then just when you think there are no more fish in the sea, Mr/Mrs Right House will be just around the corner
  1. Pick your favorite SHORT list
It is recommended when you go out and look at houses, stick to around 6. After this number, they will all start blending into one! It can also be quite exhausting. If you have a lot of house you want to look at, schedule for another day when you will be refreshed. The average buyer will look at around 12 houses before deciding.
  1. Do Take lots of notes, pictures, video tours on your phone
This will help you remember the properties trust me, you might not forget the neon paint, but you might forget the payout, where the washing machine was etc.
  1. Do Listen to your Gut
I truly believe that a house can pick you as much as you pick a house. Your instinct can be powerful
  1. Do Allow Enough Time
Don't buy in haste, repent at leisure. Make sure you allow lots of time on your house hunt, and arrange a second viewing on any potentials. Follow the rule of thumb your first visit with your heart, the second is with your head.
  1. Don't have a Extra Large Coffee before you start your tour
It is not always the polite thing to us everyones facilities. Plus, some vacant homes may have the water turned off. You don't want to be caught short.
  1. Do wear practical shoes
Some homeowners may request that you remove your shoes, and especially in when the weather is inclement. Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off, not lots of laces, and wear your best socks.
  1. Do Find a babysitter for the children
Especially until you narrow down the possible house. Children find the whole process VERY exciting. So rather than worry about if they have knocked over the Sellers best china, find care for them, and bring them in when you have a short list.
  1. Don't be a Wall Flower
Do be very vocal. As your Realtor, I have many gifts, the power of reading exactly what the mind is thinking is not one of them. This is not my house I am showing, so you will not offend me. And it will truly help me understand what you are wanting in your Dream Home.
10.   Do be Prepared to Compromise
Just like dating, you might be looking for your Dream Partner, but not everyone or everything is perfect. Create a Wish List and if you are buying as a couple, compare your lists so that you are on the same page. Also discuss your big no-no's. And be prepared, you probably won't find everything on your list so be prepared to compromise on this.
(c) Julie Reddington Real Estate