Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Can You Profit From Housing Growth in Denver?

An exciting report from Fox Business highlighted Denver as the place to profit from the housing growth. People are migrating to Denver from all over the country, and here are some of the contributing factors which makes buying a property in Denver a good investment:-

* Unemployment is below the national average at 7.9%
* The per capita income is $29,844
* Median home price is $244,100
* It is home to 9 of the Fortune 500 companies including Dish Network, Liberty Media, and Newmont Mining
* The foreclosure rate is half of the nation average

This is a perfect time to buy a property as an investment with rental potential. Rents are increasing inline with demand.

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To see more about the report from Fox Business, Click here

How Can You Profit From Housing Growth in Denver?